Sunday, 10 May 2015

Sparkle Or Dust?

This very title can be totally intricate and difficult to comprehend yet the most simple set of words you'd have come across!
yes, sparkle or dust, at least according to the way I think has a beautiful meaning to it!

whatever makes you smile, makes you want to cherish and remember, you like, your interests, your passion or whatever helps you get that purple patch in your life is what'll glitter for you and add happiness and SPARKLE to it.

On the contrary, things, situations or people, who become hurdles in your life, who blur your vision and force you to feel all uneasy and shut your eyes are just like DUST.

Two words; representing the challenges, confusions, skepticism, the fuss, the mess, the beautiful things, the joyous moments you want to hold on to forever, to you, to one life.

Unsure about what future holds and mostly the opposite of what we want, that happening is bound to get us all annoyed.
But one thing everyone should remember is that we aren't the ONLY one facing such situations, maybe what we're calling the 'worst' for us is not even a bit in comparison to a person who is unfortunate enough to go through what we can not even dare to imagine.
So, this being my first post trying to give you a fair idea about what my blog will actually be about; to help you worthy people change perceptions and help you call the 'dust', 'sparkle'! :)
I'm sure you guys must have heard about the Pixie Dust?
for those who havent, though being an imgaginary substace it brings happiness and success to those in need!

P.S: I want you guys to think that you deserve to be happy out there and if somethings not-so-good comes your way, be courageous enough to let go off it and set your priorities right and that'll surely be making your own little world no less than a happy one! :)
and yeah, to change DUST into PIXIE DUST.

Much Love.